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They call me the Snapchat doctor! Prof of Med, USC Kick ass critical care doctor. Burnout thought leaderwomen in medicine advocate blogger #travel #social media #blogging #health #medicine #los angeles #healthcare #usc trojans #surgery #women in medicine

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A career in medicine will test your will over and over again. Life can be overwhelming, but keep going even if there's mud on your face. You've got this! I think about how many ups and downs I've had, starting as a pre-med student. I'm so happy to have come out on the other end stronger than ever and more self aware. Dig deep friends! And keep killing it! 💕🤗
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#tbt #neverforget When I lived in NYC I got to visit ground zero. It made me so proud to be part of an amazing team of first responders. I have so much love and respect for those who serve in the field first. Thank you for everything you do! Also, I'm allowed to be supportive of my fellow brothers and sisters but still hold them accountable for wrong doings within their profession. I do the same in my own field. Double tap if you agree! 💕
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#Twinzies! It's always a good day when you get to round with your friend (also a #bosslady Neurocritical care attending) and you're both in matching ellody white coats from @medelita_gram 🤗
She's my major #wcw today 💕 Did you know one of the factors to burnout are your colleagues? I've been very lucky to work with amazing staff!
To get 15% off your medelita order you can use my code FEMALEDOC3 (I don't get any kick backs. This is for you guys).
Who is your #womancrushwednesday ?
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Oh the boys club... it's challenging to overcome some of the discomfort of being the sole female physician in a group. In my blog post today, I share one of my earliest job interviews that was nightmarish (link in bio, obvi!)
All male panel: how will you fit in?
Me: 🤷🏻‍♀️
What do you even say to that? Although they meant it in a colleagues-getting-along kind of way, I felt there was so much micro-aggression towards me. Let me know your thoughts in the blog comments or here! Have you felt like you didn't belong in the boys club? How did you overcome it?
#thestruggleisreal #womeninmedicine #womeninstem #womeninhealthcare #womenofcolor #theboysclub #meded #medschool #medschool Pic via @girlpowersupply and @ladiesgetpaid
It's been 16 years. I remember I was in my college campus apartment and I just sat in front of the TV praying I wouldn't be thrown in a camp (á la WWII Japanese). I had just started my sophomore year. It was a heartbreaking day and honestly the start of major islamophobia in America. However, I am happy to reflect back and remember how the country did unite. Seems like those days are long gone. The country is divided and everyone seems so cruel. I miss the humanity of those days. When will we get back to that? Where were you on #911 ? Tell me in the comments below!
#september11 #neverforget
Giving up my weekend to teach this incredible group of young vibrant fellows for $0 was definitely worth it. I really believe the impact of #POCUS (point of care ultrasound) in #pulmcc is growing and is so important to clinical decision making. I'm excited to watch them develop their skills!
Are you excited about bedside ultrasound? Double tap if you are!
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