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They call me the Snapchat doctor! Prof of Med, USC Kick ass critical care doctor. Burnout thought leaderwomen in medicine advocate blogger #travel #social media #blogging #health #medicine #los angeles #healthcare #usc trojans #surgery #women in medicine

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Ain't nobody got time for BS. Over the years I've learned to be very selfish with my time. ⏰It's a precious commodity in the medical field, and I'm not giving it away for free. I've learned to say no and turn down projects that won't add to my career. 🙅🏻
Did you know that oftentimes women are expected to volunteer their time because society views women as nurturing? Sheryl Sandberg wrote about this in her book Lean In 📚 In our profession, charity and volunteer work is necessary but men will serve their time sitting on the board of a charity, while women are on the front lines volunteering. Men are still "leading" in a sense and get a great line item to their resume. 📝Think about this the next time you're asked to do something for free. Your time is valuable. Be picky! 💁🏻
Tag a friend who needs to read this!💕
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I️ didn’t come this far, to only come this far. 🙋🏻
I️ received my FCCP (fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians) at #chest2017 . Obtaining the FCCP designation recognizes me as a leader in CHEST, my profession, my institution, and most importantly demonstrates commitment to my patients. Always remember your hard work is not done after #medicalschool, not after residency, not after #fellowship, and not even after #attendinglife . I️ love this profession and my job because I️ never stop learning. Find your passion and never let go. 🤗💕 #pulmcc #womeninmedicine
#mcm #mancrushmonday on my unit’s amazing nurse manager! Can’t make the dream work without the team work! All of us work really hard for our patients! Healthcare is a team. Leave your ego at the door! Even if something comes up that’s not technically assigned to you, make it your responsibility to lend a helping hand! Thanks for all you do to help lead our team boo! 😘❤️
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God bless everyone who has and is currently serving (especially to the bad ass women breaking ceilings!). I️ can still be thankful to my service members and country while respecting all protests and movements. We can all be held to a high standard. We do not have the accept the status quo to be thankful. #happyveteransday 🤗❤️
Sometimes there’s a case that tells me everything was meant to be. I️ was meant to be here to help this 1 patient. I️t feels so worth it... 17 years after high school, giving up my entire 20s, massive burnout as an attending. Done. Gone. I️ don’t care anymore. I️ am meant to do this for this 1 person. This is God’s plan 🙏🏼
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#wcw #womancrushwednesday on the amazing Dr. Sadia Khan all day er’yday 🤗💕
#Repost @drkhanbreastsurgeon ・・・
The national reported re-excision rates in the US for breast lumpectomies is 30% 🙈in a recently published series. When evaluating our re-excision rates for the last few years - it was less than 5%!!!👩🏻‍⚕️🔪 This low re-operation rate is likely due to advanced surgical techniques including shave margins after lumpectomy and oncoplastic surgery. Also advanced pre-operative planning with 3-D mammograms, breast ultrasound and breast MRI for all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. #breastsurgeon #breastcancerfacts #breastsurgery #breastcancerawareness #surgicaloperation #surgicaloptions #breastconservation #lumpectomy #breastconservationsurgery #lumpectomy #breastcare #oncoplasticsurgery #womeninsurgery #womenempowerment #womeninmedicine