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Hey my name is Esther ✌️✌️ I am a YouTuber and I post vegan or band related stuff. Idrk tbh ‍♀️‍♀️ #inspiration #youtube #vegan #youtuber #veganism #bands #punk rock #vegetarianism #vegetarian #pierce the veil

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Hello everyone! It is I, Essie, aka unicornpeacetea. No, I am not back. So quick little rundown: I am no longer able to get into my Instagram app. Every once in awhile, I will come here on the actual website, but I cannot view stories or check DMs. It is quite a hassle and honestly I say screw it because I have my other social medias. So please please please make sure to add/follow me on Twitter + Snapchat if you want to chat; obviously it is unicornpeacetea. I restarted my YT Channel, so I thought it would only be fitting to let you folks know. I may be able to log on to my account on someone else's app every once in awhile, so that way I can answer DMs. Anyways. Thanks for being patient :)
Yay! I was super excited to win this and eat my free candy 😋😋 Click the link in my bio to see a REVIEW of all of the products that @peta sent me, through @petakids giveaway of @yumearth candy. Spoiler alert: I liked (most of) it 😜😋🍭🍭 Thank you @peta @petakids @yumearth !! :) #veganlicorice #vegansweets #vegan #vegangirl #veganyoutuber
This is a meme I found when I first started this account. I feel sometimes as if people take the fact that I am not a "pushy vegan" for granite. In all my time being vegan, I have tried my hardest to be slow to anger and realize that it takes time being vegan. It takes time trying to change your ways. It takes time making such a big, yet positive, change in your life. But the key is that you WANT a change. There is a necessity, but you need to have the *willpower* to want to become vegan or to continue saving lives. If you have no desire to save animals, if you have no longing to change the inevitable, then THAT is where I get upset. Let me give you an example. A few days ago, me and a friend were in the Starbucks driving line. What I like to do is get their plain bagel and put @tofuttibrands cream cheese on it. The other passenger ordered a bagel as well, but continued on with regular cream cheese. What bothered me was that this person has said multiple times that regular cream cheese and the Tofutti brand tastes exactly the same. Do you see what I am getting at? This person CHOSE cruelty, when they didn't have to. They could have chose cruelty free and probably had no problem with it, seeing as according to a non-vegan, they taste the exact same. I encourage you to, if you're reading this, do some research. It's one thing to be ignorant and cruelty bound. But when you KNOW that there is a problem in today's world, or you know that there is a better option out there, yet you still participate in your normal day-to-day activities, I encourage you to seek a major change. I really do hope you have a cruelty free day! 💝🐷 #vegan #veganinspiration #veganinspo #vegantruth #veganyoutuber #vegangirl #vegancreamcheese #veganatstarbucks #crueltyfree #crueltyfreekitty #tofutti
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Anybody who knows me on my Snapchat or Instagram knows I love this filter to death. It makes you look x100 prettier and I absolutely adore these dang fake eyelashes that I wish were real 👽😁Any who, I finally put my YouTube URL in my bio. My first YT video will be up THIS FRIDAY (the 17th). Is anybody as pumped as I am?!!?? 👏👏👏👾
#vegan #veganyoutuber #aspiringyoutuber #veganinspiration #veganbodybuilding #veganfood #veganlunch #veganchallenge #youtuber #youtube #newyoutuber #unicornpeacetea #snapchatfilters 🤣☺️
Don't ask me what I just did because I don't even know myself. This was originally supposed to be for @xpiercethefuentes but uh yeah. Anyways, this is a mediocre beginners "meme" PTV type thing. The video sucks, but I like doing them. Thoughts? .
#piercetheveil #edits #vicfuentes #mikefuentes #piercetheveiledits #ptvedits #mikefuentesedit #vicfuentesedit #jaimepreciado #jaimepreciadoedit #tonyperry #tonyperryedit #memes #memed #bandmemes #splice #spliceapp
This is kind of late but this is a project I did about two months ago. It's a scratch art project. I got the inspiration from @piercethevic and @jtechlove 's design for one of Vic's guitar (the one in Bulls In The Bronx). I made a lot of mistakes, but my goal was to show the white strips in the back to represent the actual guitar, with 'PTV' written, faded from right to left. How'd I do? 😜👽 @jtechlove @piercethevic .
#piercetheveil #ptv #scratchart #bullsinthebronx #ptvguitar